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Behind the Lens

​Graduating from the Robertson School of Media & Culture, Virginia Commonwealth University, I received a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications. I hold a certification in Broadcast Sales. Through my senior year of college, I was featured on "This Week in Richmond," Published through various news outlets including and not limited to the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune and the Miami Herald. This year I was recognized as a finalist in the Non-Fiction Magazine category in the prestigious 2019 Mark of Excellence contest for Region 2 from the Society of Professional Journalist. 

What's New?

I am the published author of the book "Everything that I am: Mind, Body & Soul"


a letter to you...

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Your legacy will live.

The name Clark Studio originated from my late grandfather Samuel Clark Sr. who was a photographer, artist, and writer. His legacy shall live on! Giving homage to his name, I stood up to the plate and chased my dreams. I will create not only my hopefulness for the future but others. With Clark Studio your vision becomes a reality.

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